What Ashford University means from those who matter the most – our students. Are you a current Ashford University student using VA benefits, or alumni? Share your voice!


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The quality of education at Ashford was fantastic. The course material that covered my degree was exactly what I was looking for.  I’m a small business owner and a veteran, and I can say that my education at Ashford had a direct impact in my ability to market and brand my company.

Ashford allowed me to take my courses at the time and place that worked best for me… and in one word it was everything. I had to balance my education while being deployed. I completed my degree while I was in Saudi Arabia on a military assignment.  There was no way for me to try to fit in a set schedule. It was a must to have that flexibility for me to sit down in front of my computer when it worked for me and complete my assignment, as opposed to having a set block of time that I had to report to class and complete those assignments.

There were times I was going on a mission and I was going to be out of site for a week at a time. Ashford understood the difficulties military personnel face in trying to pursue our secondary education and it gave me a level of comfort knowing that Ashford was in my corner while I was still serving the country.

Without Ashford University, it would have been impossible for me to have had my degree at this point in time. Ashford University allowed me to advance in my military career and balance my educational pursuits.

Ashford University Alumni 2012
BA in Public Relations and Marketing


As an active-duty military student, we’re always training, always on the road, so time is very important.  I chose Ashford University because it gave me the freedom to focus on my family, my work, and my education, all at the same time. Ashford definitely understands what military students need because traditional schools, in my opinion, do not.

I had to juggle a job and my family while working a degree. I used to travel a lot. Traditional schools were not an option for me. With Ashford, I didn’t have to answer to anyone else’s time or location. I didn’t have to commit to hours of actual class time or drive anywhere else. All I had to do was get online, and I could start doing my homework anytime, anywhere. The teachers and the curriculum were challenging and I appreciated that.

I would definitely recommend Ashford to anyone because of the quality of the teachers, their ability to interact with students and their use of innovative education methods. All of the classes I’ve taken with Ashford were valuable. My degree from Ashford has sharpened my critical thinking skills and it allowed me to become a more effective leader and manager.

United States Marine Corps
Ashford University Alumni 2011
BA in Organizational Management

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Going to Ashford was the best option for me because I had too much going on for a traditional school. I was starting a business, had three kids, and my husband is in the military and serves the country overseas. It was the best decision for me and while I did not have to show up in person, I was held accountable on the blackboard for everything and the classes were pretty rigorous. To me, it was the same exact education except I didn’t have to be on campus, paying parking fees, running to class, and picking up my kids late. Being able to take classes at the time and places I wanted to meant freedom and flexibility while getting my education.

Ashford University Alum & Military Spouse
BA Organizational Management (2009), MBA (2012)